In Latin, the gladio is the sword.  It was the sword that protected Caesar and defended Rome, and like the sword, the canine has also historically been by man's side not only as his companion but as his protector.  Our history with domesticated dogs dates back at least 14,000 years, and to this day dogs have become an integral part of our day to day lives throughout society.  Whether it is the family Shih Tzu curled up on our lap, the mixed breed rescue dog that goes on jogs with us, or the K9 unit German Shepherd sniffing out IEDs, our lives as we know them would be vastly different without man's best friend by our side.

Owner and trainer Gerald Famiglietti has had a love and passion for dogs his entire life.  After graduating with a bachelors degree in International Relations with an intense interest in security and foreign policy, he shifted his focus to one of the indispensable aspects of the day to day security that we take for granted- the role played by our four legged friends who protect our men and women in uniform and sniff out threats in the form of explosives, firearms, and narcotics.  After receiving the dog trainer's certification by Animal Behavior College, he spent additional time learning to train police K9s and personal protection dogs at Tarheel Canine in Sanford, North Carolina.  Gladio K9 is located at 987 Charles Street, North Providence, RI.