Private training Sessions

Basic obedience and minor behavioral issues:

$80 per hour or package rate of $420 for 6 sessions ($60 savings)

$90 + per hour for severe behavioral issues such as aggression. Inquire about package rates.

In-home training sessions are offered however availability may be limited. Call or message to set up an appointment.

Board and train

Basic Obedience $900 for 1 week, $1700 for 2 weeks

Behavior Modification starting at $1200 per week. Price may vary in accordance to issues encountered such as aggression.


$30 per day for 1 dog, $55 for 2 dogs

10 day package for 1 dog, $270. $500 for 2 dogs

20 day package for 1 dog, $520. $900 for 2 dogs.


Half day of daycare and 30 minute training session, $60 per half day.

10 day package $550. 20 day package $950



Personal Protection Dogs

Rates will vary due to the selection of the proper dog, nature of training, length of time, and skill sets desired. If you already have a dog that is trained in protection work or believe has the drive to do that type of work Gladio offers bite work sessions. Your dog must first be tested to ensure it has the nerve and skills associated with this type of training. Gladio K9 will not put pressure on a dog we do not believe is suited for it. Call or message for rates.

Private detection services

Coming soon


In recognition of their service, Gladio K9 offers a discount to veterans and first responders.