Gladio K9 offers practical obedience training for dogs of any age.  The old saying, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" no longer applies with respect to professional dog training.  Gladio offers private, in-home training sessions where your dog's full potetential can be revealed and you as the owner are taught how to strengthen and maintain those behaviors.  This allows you to establish a leadership role in the eyes of your dog so that you both may enjoy a healthy and balanced human-canine bond. 

Behavior Modification

Speaking strictly in dog language, there is no such thing as bad behavior.  What we as humans term as bad behavior is simply dogs acting like what they are-dogs!  Our definition of bad behavior is whatever we as humans feel is unacceptable in accordance with our human expectations.  So when it comes to behavior modification Gladio K9's approach is to teach and strengthen known acceptable behaviors which serve to replace those less desirable, unwanted behaviors.


Gladio K9’s training facility offers dog daycare so that your pup can socialize, exercise, and keep busy, all while in a structured environment. Most dog daycare facilities are a free-for-all supervised by people who are dog lovers, not dog trainers; you drop your dog off and he or she is allowed to play uninhibited. This leads to a degradation in the dog’s training, formation of bad habits, and overstimulation which could result in a dogfight. Gladio’s daycare is a controlled environment. Being a small facility, there are only a small number of dogs in daycare each day which allows us to focus on calmness and structure so that your dog leaves both physically AND mentally stimulated.


Personal Protection

Just like not every human can be a Navy SEAL, not every dog can be a personal protection dog.  It takes a special kind of dog with a well balanced personality, strong nerves, and the will to stand and fight to protect us, our loved ones, and our property, and yet be calm enough to give our kids kisses and lay at our feet while we watch TV.  History has proven for thousands of years that the dog has been our most ferocious protector and that remains true to this day.  There is nothing that intimidates an intruder more than a primal bark and there is nothing more convincing to one who would do us harm than 42 teeth and a 300 pound-per-square-inch bite.  In an increasingly unpredictable and dangerous world, personal protection dogs are becoming more and more popular as a means of home defense.  Gladio K9 can find you the right dog for your family and lifestyle and give that dog the tools that it needs to be your family's protector should the situation arise.

Private Detection Services

Gladio K9 will soon be offering private detection services for narcotics, explosives, and firearms.  Private detection K9 contracting is becoming increasingly popular and in some cases a necessity, particularly in situations where police K9 resources are stretched too thin or are unavailable.  These situations may include:

  • Suspected drug use in the home or workplace

  • Drug treatment centers

  • Drug and firearms detection in schools and dormitories

  • Explosives detection at public venues

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